QR Payment

Quick Response Code

Electronic and mobile wallets are becoming increasingly common as the public aims to reduce its dependency on plastic cards and paper cash. After the payment industry’s longstanding success with the utilization of 1- dimensional bar codes, the market appears to be adapting well to the introduction of the 2- dimensional bar code, better known as the QR Code. FANAP has developed a comprehensive QR payment solution for both merchants and shoppers: PIQO. Merchants can register for QR-based payments, and FANAP’s PIQO system will generate a unique QR code for each merchant. Once a shopper is ready to check out at the merchant's counter, all they have to do is open the PIQO app on their smartphone, scan the merchant’s QR code, and enter the desired amount to complete the payment.


  • Integrated user interface (UX)
  • Interactive notifications
  • Merchant management panel
  • Constructive reports
  • Loyalty scenarios

QR payment


  • One-touch payment
  • New marketing and advertisement infrastructure
  • New shopping style
  • Make advertisements your sales channel