Money Transfer-Remittance

Transfer money instantly to a bank or e-wallet via mobile or any other banking channel

Electronic money transfer has become an essential part of our everyday lives, and today thousands of families worldwide rely on electronic remittance to receive their only source of income. Facilitating payments to bank accounts, e-wallets, and even in the form of cash has become a significant business for banks and financial institutions. The ability to send money electronically from one region to another in a time efficient and secure manner is a service that modern banks must offer by default. FANAP provides an automated mechanism to facilitate remittances in real-time across different regions. This service works independently of the bank, and money can be transferred between independent banks in an on-us or off-us transaction manner.


  • Multi bank transfer
  • Robust
  • WEB / SMS / USSD based
  • Real time transfer
  • Dynamic interface on Web, ATM, POS and Monile
  • Stright Through Processing


  • Instant Mony Transfer
  • Low fee
  • SMS and e-mail alerts
  • Choice of multiple channels
  • Convenience in remittance

Fanap's enterprise payment solution

Success Story

Our money transfer services across multiple channels are being successfully used to remit money between people and businesses. We went a step ahead when FANAP was able to quickly generate a special service code for the Earth Quake victims in the Azerbaijan province of Iran in August of 2012m. Special USSD/SMS codes were defined and dedicated for Earth Quake Emergency Aid and by sending this information via SMS to a pre-defined number; people were able to send money across to the Earth Quake affected victims within seconds. Money could also be remitted into specific accounts of earth quake affected people via multiple channels.