Mobile Top-Up

The “anywhere, anytime” top-up service for multi-network operators on distributed channels

Gone are the days of agents and stores stockpiling scratch cards and shop-hopping customers in search of the particular top-up card needed to charge their pre-paid mobile SIM cards. Customers demand mobile top-up instantly once they run out of credit, and banks and financial institutions can take advantage of this by offering instant mobile top-up through their own payment systems. FANAP’s Mobile Top-Up Service provides mobile users instant access to top-up their pre-paid account through multiple channels. Whether customers purchase top-up from our internet portal, ATMs, POS Terminals or their mobile, FANAP’s Top-Up Service is designed to provide users with a straightforward processing service where they do not have to manually input a pin number to top-up their account. With FANAP’s Mobile Top-Up Service, customers only need to provide their financial credentials and select the amount of top-up that they wish to purchase.


  • Manageable by multiple mobile network operators
  • Compatible with the preexisting network hardware infrastructure
  • Ability to function both online and offline
  • Management of many payment modes : cash, cards and e-wallets
  • Multi-channel payment services
  • Customized service for top-up agencies


  • Increased payment convenience
  • Reduced time and cost to top-up
  • Reduced suspension service (talk time, SMS and data)
  • Selection of multiple payment channels

Mobile Top-Up

Success Story

FANAP’s money transfer services are being successfully used to remit money across multiple channels between individuals and businesses every day. After the devastating August 2012 earthquake in I.R. Iran’s Azerbaijan Province, FANAP immediately responded to crisis, quickly generating a special USSD/SMS service code for disaster victims. People across the country were able to send money to earthquake victims and disaster relief agencies within seconds by sending an SMS to a pre-defined number utilizing the USSD/SMS codes dedicated by FANAP for earthquake emergency aid. Money donated using this method could also be remitted via multiple channels. FANAP’s swift response effectively helped victims of the quake recover from crisis and eased pressure on governmental relief agencies.