Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

A Multi-Channel Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Solution

Businesses are increasingly focusing on providing value-added services which are easy, quick and convenient for their customers. Bill payments are a recurring, ongoing activity among both urban and rural populations, but local customer demographics influence the preferred method of bill payment. FANAP’s Bill Presentment and Payment platform enables your customers to pay their bills via the outlet of their choosing with ease, whether they prefer to use their mobile device, an internet connection, or pay at an ATM, POS terminal, franchise branch or kiosk.


  • Ability to work with both online and offline billing agencies

  • Straightforward integration with any brand of channel

  • Multi-operator Management

  • Customized service for billing agencies

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment


  • Reduced time needed to make payments
  • Reduced cost of making payments
  • Reduced suspension of service
  • Variety payment channels
  • Makes bill paying convenient

Success Story

All the billing systems in IRAN from the electricity until municipality and large company use Electronic bill payment and presentment and FANAP is one the company can support at around 20 percentage of these systems.