Device and SST Manager

FANAP’s solution for management of self-service terminals (SST) and payment switches

Customers are increasingly demanding high availability of self-service terminals like ATMs, kiosks and POS terminals, and the need for back-end payment systems that support the 24/7 function of these devices can pose a significant challenge to the effective management of any organization’s SST network. In order to meet the ever-growing demands of the customer, a network of self-service terminals must employ a solution system that provides 24/7 availability by extracting knowledge from transactions and SST agents, delivers proactive troubleshooting, and must be able to adopt an agile recovery processes. Considering the size of SST networks today, this solution must be designed with open architecture and meet industry standards to provide scalability, reliability and easy integration into existing infrastructures.


  • Simple user interface
  • Web-based
  • Centralized system for distributed channels
  • Accurate real-time root cause analysis
  • Notifications can be received via e-mail, SMS, the web, and on tablets and smart phones

Device and SST Manager


  • Increase in SST availability and profitability
  • Real-time Electronic Journal retrieval and upload
  • Provides new business insight, promoting critical decision making
  • Reduction in first line maintenance
  • Reduction of transit costs