Automatic Fare Collection(AFC)

Automatic Fare Collection

Over the past two decades, public transit agencies have increasingly invested in closed-loop smart-card based AFC systems. Despite some benefits, the limitations of closed-loop AFC systems may inhibit the achievement of key goals such as regional integration, system interoperability, device neutrality, customer convenience, fraud reduction and operating cost efficiency, and have caused dissatisfaction in both public transport agencies and cardholders. After systematically studying the abundant examples of failed AFC projects, FANAP used their familiarity with the actual needs of stakeholders to develop an industry-leading expertise in the field of open-loop payment systems, in conjunction with other AFC and banking systems.


  • Applicable to all public transit fleets (bus, taxi and subway)
  • Total solution- offers every single system element needed to deploy an AFC system
  • Offers a variety of card recharging methods (online, via SMS or USSD, web-kiosks, manned kiosks, etc.)
  • Flexibility and speed in adapting products and solutions to meet customer requirements (such as PIS, TVM, etc.)
  • Can be expanded to retail, parking, etc. in order to form an e-purse system

Automatic Fare Collection(AFC)


  • Reducing operating costs
  • Flexible settlement system
  • Resolving cash-related issues for people, governments and PSPs
  • Traveler convenience
  • System integration
  • Interoperability

Project References

Bus, taxi and subway AFC projects in Mashhad, Ahwaz, Qazvin, Isfahan and Kerman Over 12,500 card acquirers (merchants) Over 1,650,000 average daily transactions Over 2,300 recharging centers System integration Interoperability