Comprehensive ATM Management

System Experience:

FANAP’s ATM Management Solutions are currently used to support and monitor over 300,000 out-of-branch ATMs. After installation of FANAP ATMs and our ATM Management Solutions, banks saw a 92% increase in their ATM services.

1- Cash Management

FANAP’s Automated Currency Forecasting and Revenue Optimization Solution is designed with powerful automation and state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms. Our Currency Forecasting Solution receives real-time alerts from ATMs for both the cassette/vault and currency availability, and can be programmed to make business decisions automatically. Banks adopting FANAP's Currency Forecasting and Comprehensive ATM and Switch Management (CASM) see an immediate increase in successful withdrawals, and the optimization of their ATM replenishment system instantly reduces costs related to traditional dispatching of cash-in-transit (CIT) and support engineers (FLM).

2- Online Ticketing System

FANAP’s Ticketing System is a robust, web-based, and integrated mobile app solution designed to launch and register faults that are reported by an ATM and subsequently implement solutions for all discovered faults. Banks adopting FANAP's CASM and Ticketing System see an immediate reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR) of their ATMs.

3- Remote Management and Control

FANAP's CASM supports the remote management and control of ATMs base on XFS, without the need to have an agent installed on the ATMs. Using FANAP’s service, organizations can remotely issue commands to a single or group of ATMs to remotely upgrade the OS, reboot, download/upload EJ, transfer files and distribute content.

4- Terminal/Switch Monitoring

CASM leads the industry in ATM management because it introduces a unique system-independent monitoring system, which is able to monitor all mainstream payment switches. CASM supports tracking and monitoring of diverse protocols (e.g., ISO 8583, APACS, NDC+, etc.). This flexible architecture enables you to customize and add new protocols to the monitoring system.

5- Transaction Analytics

CASM extracts extensive information from transactions both entering and leaving your environment, and archives it in a secure data warehouse for later access and analysis. This data helps the operation team find the root cause of problems and allows them to troubleshoot faster than ever. Senior managers can makers can generate their own reports and quickly access and extract the following information without assistance from an IT specialist: Profit generated by a group of ATMs or a single ATM Transaction response time Transaction failure rate (overall or grouped by error code) Timeout and latent transaction rate Transaction output throughput (TPS) (overall or grouped by transaction types, e.g. withdrawal, refund, etc.) Health of other EFT peers - BINs (TPS, failure rates and availability, etc.) Activity and performance logs of distribution channels (ATM, POS, mobile, etc.)

6- Dispatch and Logistics Management

ATM currency demand differs from machine to machine. Correctly managing the currency supply chain and accurately forecasting requirements for each ATM can be difficult. But in a fiercely competitive market, running out of money at an ATM can critically impact customer satisfaction and revenue generation. On the other hand, overstocking an ATM because of poor forecasting is also costly to the organization. CASM delivers a powerful forecasting system based on the history of each ATM location to effectively plan cash dispensing for each individual ATM. FANAP’s system also provides information dashboards and maps to manage efficient dispatch of drivers in the area with the desired ATM cassettes on hand to ATMs running low on cash.

7- EJ Management

CASM offers a service that helps streamline EJ file transfer operations to and from multi-vendor ATM network on a daily or on-demand basis, and upload it to a central location. FANAP’s EJ transfer can be programmed to avoid bandwidth congestion through smart scheduling.

8- Management Portal

ATM service providers are given access via portal to monitor their network. Corrective actions can be taken using several different services in CASM in case an ATM faces any issues. At the same time, a vendor's performance can be tracked against their service license agreement (SLA) and key performance indicators (KPI) to deliver a superior customer experience. FANAP's system delivers complete transparency to the payment transaction lifecycle and the health of payment devices and SSTs.

9- Smartphone and Tablet Application

Using FANAP's Android smartphone’s System, responsible employees trusted with money replacement and tracking can update the whole system online. FANAP's app is linked to the system via secure communication channel, and can also be sued to track support employees and maintenance time of ATM networks.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all standard EFT Switches (ISO 8583 based)
  • 24/7 monitoring and surveillance of switches and ATMs
  • Robust incident management
  • Timely notifications and crisis reaction
  • Real-time KPI monitoring
  • XFS-based remote command and control
  • Data gathering in an XFS layer
  • Electronic Journal (EJ) retrieval
  • Comprehensive dashboard and reports
  • Logistics management for dispatching and transportation
  • Multi-vendor switch and ATM solution

Success story

we have several project in all around the country and in all of them the Approach are: Eye-safe laser speed sensor, Integrated HD cameras, Robust, low power, fan-less processor, Solid state disk internal storage (SSD), Vehicle tracking and classification,Vehicle speed detection, Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) - High accuracy speed measurement and State-of-the-art fixed speed camera designed for simultaneous speed measurement of all passing vehicles in multiple lanes. the results of these project are: Equipped 12 vehicles with in-vehicle speed control systems, About 270 violent speed and surveillance cameras installed in Tehran and Mashhad cities, 232 violent speed and surveillance cameras installed along the Tehran-Mashhad Highway and Nearly 140 fixed speed cameras installed on inner-city highways and intercity roads across Iran