Physical Security

Video Surveillance

Nowadays, the success of both private and public industries and businesses is heavily reliant on the utilization of advanced security equipment and security control sites. Efficient operation of video surveillance systems reduces crime by monitoring all traffic and spotting potential problems or offences before they are committed.

FANAP physical security activities can be divided into 6 different division which include:

  • City wide Surveillance
  • Industry banking, Hotel, Retail and education
  • Energy and utilities mining division
  • Energy and utilities- Oil, Gas, Power, Division
  • Transportation- Road, Rail and Port
  • Transportation- Air

Transportation- Air

Millions of passengers, staff and cargo travel through your massive facilities every day. Keeping people safe while finding the right balance between free flowing public access and restricted areas is not an easy task. Security Center platform can provides transportation agencies with a view of their entire operations alongside effective response tools.

Transportation – Road, Rail

Roads have critical roles in connecting different places in all around the world so monitoring and controlling of the road is essential for governments. Beside monitoring, analysis and detecting unusual happening is the another important factor in roads. So FANAP providing unified solution for monitoring and controlling roads with automatic plate number recognition, automatic accident detection, road closure information, etc

Industry – banking, Hotel, Retail, education

Now a day, wide visibilities is an absolute must for enterprise and retailers because it improves business process, enhance merchandising and protect customers, employees and assets. This is why FANAP has unify IP video surveillance, access control and integrated solution for banking, hotel, retail, education.

Energy and Utilities – Oil, Gas, power division

Nowadays energy and utilities sector are the most important infrastructure in each country. So safety and security of these facilities are essential for any government. The best choice is to take advantage of the available state of the art and reliable technologies. FANAP services are consist of special products such as day and night protection camera, infrared illuminators and long distance camera, supported by advanced intrusion detection, fire detection, access systems, etc.

Energy and Utilities – mining division

Managing open space area to prevent any intrusion and perimeter protection is one of the main issue for open industrial space and mine so FANAP develop their solution for open industry places which includes fire alarm detection, access gate, vice evacuation, perimeter protection, etc. based on our customer needs.

City wide surveillance

millions of people rely on you to keep them safe. Protecting the public from crime, safeguarding buildings from vandalism and ensuring your city is running smoothly requires the collaboration of multiple agencies, consultation with the public as well as buy-in from private enterprises. Regarding to achieve safe environments, FANAP combining resources and standardizing security systems in one place.

Awards and Honors:

Ranked 1st by the High Informatics Council of I.R. Iran Quality approval from the Ministry of Oil