Motorway Integration

Increase motorway safety and efficiency with smart management. Introduction:

In order to increase road safety, FANAP designed and produced the Integrated Motorway Solution. FANAP’s system increases road safety and efficiency by gathering all traffic data from the motorists, motorways, and weather into a central traffic management hub. This solution consists of a four-level system:

1st- Gathering field data, including:

Traffic flow, count and classification Weight in motion Speed violations Road weather conditions Incident detection Electronic toll collections and transactions

2nd - Traffic Management Center

Observe and mange motorways with online and real-time data in a central location. Automatic alarms for incidents, violations, detrimental congestion and harsh weather conditions.

3rd- Signage

Electronic traffic signage controlled by the Traffic Management Center can display messages, legal speed limits, and warnings to assist the smooth handling of incidents and flow of traffic.

4th - Electrical Toll Collection:

FANAP’s Motorway Integration System can handle several types of toll collection: manual to electronic, video tolling via tags, and e-wallet and debit card transactions.


  • Traffic management center
  • Measurement of average and instantaneous speed
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Vehicle counter and classification
  • Weight calculation of moving vehicles
  • Road weather and condition information
  • Vehicle height violation detection
  • Documentation for legal enforcement
  • Signage over electronic billboards, mobile applications and multimedia
  • Video surveillance
  • Automatic incident detection


  • Real-time data management
  • Reduced incidents and fatalities
  • Reduced cost and increased effectiveness for monitoring and control
  • Reduced travel time and raised average travel speed

Success story:

Approach - Eye-safe laser speed sensor - Integrated HD cameras - Robust, low power, fan-less processor - Solid state disk internal storage (SSD) - Vehicle tracking and classification - Vehicle speed detection - Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) - High accuracy speed measurement - State-of-the-art fixed speed camera designed for simultaneous speed measurement of all - ----passing vehicles in multiple lanes Result - Equipped 12 vehicles with in-vehicle speed control systems - About 270 violent speed and surveillance cameras installed in Tehran and Mashhad cities - 232 violent speed and surveillance cameras installed along the Tehran-Mashhad Highway - Nearly 140 fixed speed cameras installed on inner-city highways and intercity roads across Iran