Intelligent Parking

The simplest way to find a parking space easily

Introduction : Parking space is one of the most important issues that drivers face with it every day and cause traffic in inner city. This issue not only related to find a suitable place, also in time. So the idea of intelligent parking can be a helps people to park easily. Parking guidance systems is use to advise the motorist to find available space in multiple parking zones, allow to the motorist to make an informed decision on where to park and charge fast. Function: Using colored LED indicator (Red, green, blue) to show that which parking lot is empty, occupied and reserved. Anywhere the motorist need to choose direction, there is dynamic sign which show the empty number and guidance to motorist. You can use the different type of payment for your parking space.

FANAP intelligent parking systems consist of

  • Indicator LED
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Dynamic guidance systems
  • Parking Management software
  • Gateway systems


  • Instantly pinpoints available parking space
  • Improve parking efficiency more than 30%
  • Ensure a pleasurable and stress free parking experience
  • Allows owner to control parking leas reduces illegally parking vehicle
  • Maximize parking profitability
  • Increase Safety

Intelligent Parking

Success Story

Tehran Congestion Charging Zone: Context Implementation of FANAP’s software allowed for completely automated control and management of Tehran’s congestion zones. Approaches: • Multi-lane ANPR cameras for processing plate numbers of all entering vehicles • Traffic control center • Database to update policies and status of vehicles • Automatic billing systems