Fleet Management Systems

Intelligent Fleet Management and Geographical Information System

FANAP provides routing and tracking (AVL) services for 20,000 vehicles through the use of GPS, in the largest application of an intelligent fleet management system in I.R. Iran. FANAP designed their Intelligent Fleet Management system based on Linux to ensure security, but it can be easily operated by users with any OS or through any internet-connected web browser. Additionally, FANAP’s Fleet Management System has the ability to manage a central geographic database from information provided by regulatory branches of the organization, and display this data on an interactive map. All collected data and system information is organized and managed by this comprehensive manner. By utilizing cutting-edge functions and advanced algorithms, FANAP’s Intelligent Fleet Management System can extract numerous analytical and statistical reports from these details.

Key Features

  • View each vehicles’ location and route to destination on an offline or online map
  • Automatic alerts of traffic violations committed by employed drivers and vehicles (speeding, entering unauthorized zones, deviating from the lane, etc.)
  • Distinct, dynamic classifications for user system access
  • Ability to send SOS warnings in the event of an accident to proper authorities (SMS, email, car siren)
  • Receive several analytical reports such as traffic, wait time, and Analysis of time and speed through intersections
  • Comprehensive regional analysis and Supports multiple GPS brands
  • Control intersection traffic flow


  • Instantly pinpoints available parking space
  • Improve parking efficiency more than 30%
  • Ensure a pleasurable and stress free parking experience
  • Allows owner to control parking leas reduces illegally parking vehicle
  • Maximize parking profitability
  • Increase Safety

Success Story

FANAP AVL Systems software has been implemented by multiple industrial and transportation corporations across I.R. Iran, including: Isfahan Taxi Co., Ahvaz Bus Transit Co., Fars Gas and Petroleum Relief Co., Pasargad Bank, and several divisions of the Tehran Municipality. Implementation of FANAP’s Intelligent Fleet Management System for the Isfahan Taxi Service included the design, manufacturing, installation, execution and utilization of all related facilities and equipment. Some of the most important features of this project include: • Reports on the rate and distribution of passengers and taxis throughout the city • Automatic fare calculation • Daily analytical reports of driver and taxi performance • Efficient location-based dispatching Result: FANAP’s Fleet Management System now successfully operates over 16,000 taxis throughout the city of Isfahan.