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Video Surveillance and Processing Software

Based on the experience gained from our previous successes, FANAP developed the first Iranian video surveillance software. Designed by top domestic professionals, FANAP’s software features all of the capabilities of similar, foreign surveillance software, such as the ability to receive, record, process, and send videos from different cameras while still implementing numerous video processing options in an efficient manner. FANAP’s video surveillance software is Linux-based to provide a secure foundation while maintain the ability to perform reliably around the clock. In order to guarantee ease of operation for users at any level of their organization, our software has two different user interfaces and may be accessed over the web or through a Windows interface.

Key Features

  • Support for an unlimited number of servers and cameras-local or remote
  • Management and configuration of access level for advanced users
  • Simultaneous support of analog and digital cameras (IP)
  • Central management of servers
  • View and manage the server through the software UI or a web page
  • Support of RTSP and HTTP protocols and ONVIF standards
  • Supports compressed video formats such as mjpeg, mpeg4, h264, etc.
  • Ability to view and export recorded video on a specific timeline or live online feed
  • Ability to schedule camera functions (motion detection, recording, etc.)


  • Instantly pinpoints available parking space
  • Improve parking efficiency more than 30%
  • Ensure a pleasurable and stress free parking experience
  • Allows owner to control parking leas reduces illegally parking vehicle
  • Maximize parking profitability
  • Increase Safety

Success Story

The Pasargad Bank Project: The Pasargad Bank Project is among the most extensive projects in video surveillance in I.R. Iran, during which all branches of Pasargad Bank were equipped with FANAP’s Video Surveillance System. With Bank Pasargad's original surveillance system, video could not be shared with sufficient quality due to the low communication bandwidth between branch divisions and Pasargad headquarters. By changing the programming method and the compression algorithm, FANAP optimized bandwidth usage, allowing video sharing in the desired format and quality for the first time. Pasargad Bank’s requested surveillance capabilities included site-specific motion and theft detection through the video surveillance system, which was successfully implemented at all branches of the bank.