Enterprise resource planning


Today, many companies suffer from a lack of integrated Enterprise Software covering all company requirements including: accounting, CRM, production and etc. Even if an integrated system is implemented, modification of Business Processes demotes performance of software system. Face with this situation, FANAP is approaching this problem in BPMS architecture concept.

FANAP Services and Solutions

  • Business Process engine platform designed for large scale and mid-size companies
  • Manufacturing Executive Systems
  • Business Intelligence system capable to monitor, simulate and evaluate processes

Core Competency

  • A flexible system enabling companies to define, customize and change their own processes
  • One integrated platform capable of putting all business processes together
  • Service Oriented Architecture system adaptable to integrate with other software systems
  • Web based
  • High quality services and convenient cost

Key Facts and Figures

5000+ features and 400+Business Processes developed on our platform with 150+ software developers working on our enterprise projects