CEO Message

FANAP is playing a leading role in the development and delivery of valuable projects for the growth and expansion of ICT industry in the Middle-East for several years. FANAP has acquired major market share of the region and has set its sight on the international markets for the future. We have the experience of successfully delivering complex projects and aim to excel in the international market

FANAP Overview

FANAP ICT Co. is owned by the Pasargad Financial Group (PFG), the strongest private financial and investment corporate group in Iran. FANAP ICT was established by a small band of experienced engineers within PFG who aspired to elevate the domestic FinTech industry to support -and lead- global innovation. In order to meet this vision, FANAP employs a diverse group of experienced professionals from various technological fields, allowing FANAP is able to understand clients’ needs, and always make the customer’s values a top priority. FANAP’s customer service attitude and timely problem resolution and the following customer satisfaction led to the Pasargad Finance & Investing Co. to develop rapidly in financial and communications technology industries, therefore providing the opportunity for FANAP ICT to become one of the largest holdings in the country.

Finance, Banking and Organization:

Companies today must face a never before seen level of competition in order to survive in the turbulent global economy. Organizations and corporations are seeking ever more diverse methods to drive profit and distinguish themselves from the competition. Smart structures are being increasingly adopted by industry leaders to counteract these falling profit margins and outdo their competitors. Smart systems and solutions provided by FANAP can recognize and predict consumer behavior, control costs and improve earnings by streamlining corporate procedures and eliminating repetitive or redundant functions. Banking, management, power, and security solutions provided by FANAP can create the necessary stability, efficiency and harmony required for the realization of a truly smart organization. Thus FANAP provide solutions such as:


  • Core Insurance

  • Core Banking

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Process Management

  • Network Security

  • ERP

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Transportation and Municipal and Smart city project:

The primary objective in designing and establishing a Smart City is to utilize today's technologies (particularly in the fields of communications and information) to improve the quality and effectiveness of city services, reduce costs, and optimize resource consumption. The Smart City can only be realized jointly with the establishment of increased societal welfare. Both public and private companies, such as traffic and transportation management, energy management, public health, welfare services, water, and waste management, are especially invested in the development of Smart City technology. Naturally, there are prerequisites and requirements for building a Smart City, the most important component being the residents themselves. The more citizens are equipped with smart thinking, the more prepared and demanding of the establishment and progress of the smart city they become. for instance some of our project are in this feilds:

  • Data Centers

  • Telecommunications

  • Convergence Space

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • Physical Security

Citizen Services:

Smart Citizens plan for and desire utmost efficiency. Smart Citizens will expect and work towards the improvement of existing facilities in order to enhance their own lives. It can easily be said that the smart citizen is the most vital component of the smart city, or even the very concept of smartness.
As the number of smart citizens increase, a win-win state is established, where both the government and the people benefit. Cost reduction, electronic government, increased comfort and satisfaction of citizens, enhanced efficiency of transportation systems, and an increased flexibility in services, makeup only a small portion of the societal benefits of transforming citizens into smart citizens for example:

  • Telecom

  • Value-Added Services (VAS)

  • Payment Service Providing (PSP)

  • e-Learning

  • Mobile Payment Platform

  • e-Wallet

  • Content Providing (CP)

also for providing the procurement and products, FANAP start to establish their own factory and production line in the fields of activity such as:

  • Power Solution

  • Card Solution

  • Modern Banking Equipment

  • Thermal Paper

  • Security

The daily increase in demand for technological products and services, and FANAP’s success, has resulted in FANAP Co. becoming one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in I.R. Iran, with a workforce of over 1,700 people.

FANAP Co.’s growth and expansion has followed the traditional spin off pattern. After a new idea is conceived by experts or customers, and subsequently approved by company managers, a marketing and branding phase is initiated, after which a new company is registered to commit to those activities. Consequently, FANAP ICT currently has more than three departments, 14 companies, and 4 SBUs.

Currently, FANAP Co. has divided its activities in six main projects, which include:

  • Monetary and financial services (bank, stocks, and insurance)
  • Payments and electronic business services
  • Health and public services
  • Comprehensive, integrated IT solutions
  • Communication and value-added services
  • Major IT projects as an EPC